The forgotten Children and families of Sweets Way…….

Barnet Housing Action Group (along with those who responded to a call out) went down to Sweets Way on Monday 16th Feb for the next round of evictions…..

Distress, despair and disarray we found. Families not knowing which way to turn; certain that their human rights were not being respected or protected but feeling powerless at what they could do about it.

We listened and we sympathised, appalled and traumatised by each individual story we heard.

Most have lived in their homes on Sweets Way for up to 5 years, and a close (albeit fragile) community has been forged. Friends and neighbours supporting each other and looking out for one another.

However, as they always knew, this home would be “temporary”. Many of the children of the families have only ever lived in “temporary” homes – one family having lived “temporarily” in the area for 16 years now.

The tears dried, and the residents young and old, defiantly embraced the banners, placards and megaphone, one young boy climbing on to the fence to say loud and proud what he wanted to say:

“Why don’t they evict the rich? Why is it just us? We all deserve to have a home: rich or poor”


The cruel, heartless, evil dispersal and displacement of the residents of Sweets Way to locations far and wide, to inadequate, sub-standard TEMPORARY or emergency accommodation would surely not be tolerated on any other grounds – i.e. race or religion. So why is this allowed to happen on the grounds of how much money some have or haven’t got?

The bailiffs did turn up on Monday. They saw us, and they drove off. Small victories, eh.

Together, we went the short way across the high road to the council offices.

2 hours in lockdown, security closed it down, refused us entry. No room at the inn for the children made homeless by Barnet Council’s housing policies.

The story of this day and the following day, told mainly through the eyes and experiences of some of the children impacted is told here. Careful, you might well cry:


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