West Hendon Public Inquiry – Press Release

Barnet housing activists, residents and tenants of the West Hendon Estate welcomed the attendees of the public inquiry with a 60ft banner reading PUBLIC HOUSING NOT PRIVATE PROFIT.

The second public inquiry was called in relation to compulsory purchase orders (CPO) of flats in the 2nd phase of the Estate’s regeneration. This ‘regeneration’ has seen the local community dispersed and most of its council tenants and leaseholders evicted, in favour of new well off residents who can afford to purchase the luxury flats built instead of the much needed council homes.

The land of this vast housing estate, overlooking the beautiful Welsh Harp reservoir, belonged to Barnet residents as a public asset until it was sold by Barnet Council to Barratt Ltd and Metropolitan housing association for development in a sham sale for only £3!

Residents have led a persistent campaign to defend their homes and community from demolition and retain the public land, but Barnet Council refused to listen to its own residents, ignored the previous inquiry and opted for dissemination of the community and for social cleansing.

Jasmin Parsons, one of the estate’s residents and lead campaigners represented in the current public inquiry, the objections of over 20 of her neighbours.


Notes to the editor: Details of first public Inquiry: http://west-hendon.co.uk/planning/cpo1-public-inquiry/
Documentary :’The estate we are in’ https://youtu.be/Usa4-W-Bcu0.
For further info contact: …barnethousingaction@hotmail.com


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